Monday, February 22, 2010

Update, Update, Update!!

So I haven't done a good update in a while. I have been neglecting my blog due to the fact that I have so much going on at the moment. So I will take the time to do that now.

I ordered the parts for my husbands car 2 weeks ago. One of them has already come in and we are waiting on one more to arrive this week. My in laws are coming down this week and we are all very excited!! Can't wait to see them :)

When my taxes came in, we ended up paying off my student loan which I am really excited about! We get to take 10 days of leave soon and I can not wait to go home!! Missing my family and friends from NY like CRAZY!!

On Friday I had an appointment at NAS to get a quit smoking aid. The nurse was insanely nice and so understanding. She quit a few years ago and it was so nice to sit down with someone who understood exactly where I was coming from. The medicine I am on makes smoking a cigarette disgusting, I don't crave them and when I do smoke them, they taste bitter and even worse than they do to begin with. Then there's this awful after taste that makes me not even want to bother with it. I am so ridiculously happy that I am going to be a non smoker soon. I have smoked for so long and I am not doing myself any good. I am setting myself up for an awful death and I want to live and see my kids have their own families. I don't want to leave my husband alone to care for my kids because I was selfish for the last 10 years and smoked myself into my own grave. So I am finally doing something about it.

Other than that, one of my closest friends baby shower is coming up and I can't wait! She only knows the location of the baby shower! I can't wait to surprise her :)! And with good timing too, because her little princess will be arriving soon! I also started selling Pure Romance and I couldn't be happier! Things all around have been great lately! I suppose that is all for now :)

2 readers thoughts:

Amanda♥Lynne said...

I'm so happy to hear that you are kicking that nasty old habbit! Way to go-I wish you all the best of luck with quitting. It's kind of like it's the next level to a newer, healthier, happier you!! From reading, I've learned that you've done so much growing and maturing in the past few months, and I really think that this is part of that. And I hope you are able to keep on posting new blogs-I love reading 'em. :)

Erica said...

Awww! Thank you so much Mandy! It is so encouraging to hear that someone enjoys my blog too! I also think that has a lot to do with it, I have changed, grown as a person and matured and I think kicking this habit that has stuck with me through it all will be the icing on the cake. I need to be healthy for my kids, husband and myself. There are other ways to deal with stress rather then smoking myself into an early death.