Thursday, August 26, 2010

Last Few Days.

Well this is my last weekend in New York before I move back to Florida. I am sad but excited. I'm excited to get back but sad to leave my family and friends. I have had a great time up here with my family and friends. But with my mother in law dying and my grandma dying it's also been really hard. I work Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday lunch. All serving. So at least my last few days at work, I will make some good money. Then off to Fort Drum on Monday to negotiate dates for the movers. Tuesday is the day that I leave. Haven't officially decided on a time yet, but I'm going to be driving straight through so that I can get to my apartment and get all that handled as quickly as possible. Then hopefully in no time I will be in full swing getting everything for my man to be back!
On a worse note, my Grandma's services are Saturday morning. My older brother who I haven't seen in YEARS is flying in tomorrow morning. I believe he heads back to Vegas the same day I leave for Florida. It will be nice to see him, nice for him to meet his nephew. But other than all that it's probably going to be a crappy weekend. Services, goodbyes. They always suck. Then a long drive by myself, due to the fact that my movers won't be able to bring ANY of my stuff down for like 2-3 weeks. So my kids are staying at my mom's until the movers can get our stuff to the apartment. So hopefully all of this will work itself out before the Hubs comes home. It will definitely be cutting it close. But hopefully I can pull all of it together. 


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