Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Post Surgery :)

Well I had my surgery yesterday. The night before I had to take a sedative before I went to bed for me to be able to sleep. I tried for 2 hours before I took the pill and sleep was avoiding me. Ryan doesn't want me to ever take a sedative again because apparently I was tossing and turning and had some nightmares throughout the night that woke him up. I was extremely nervous about the surgery, although I was more then ready to start feeling better, it was still an overwhelming feeling. I remember walking into the room and them getting me all hooked up to the monitors, put the tube up my nose and put the iv in. I remember the doctor telling me about the 3 things he was putting into the iv and I remember my head getting all fuzzy. The next thing I remember after that is being at the pharmacy at NAS to get my prescription. I must have slept the majority of the day yesterday and I don't even really feel like it. It was a pretty fuzzy day overall. I remember craving a cigarette like crazy for a few hours last night, to the point where I had text a few people just to reassure myself that I shouldn't be smoking at least until the first 72 hours are up. But hopefully when I get to that point, in about 40 hours, I won't need to smoke. It would be awesome if this was the step that I needed to get to in my life to kick this addiction. I mean, the beginning of the problems before my surgery is what drove me to quit caffeine 100% and I have done amazing since then. Didn't even have any withdrawal symptoms so I'm hoping that it's the same way with cigarettes. Even if I was to only smoke when I went out drinking (which is VERY few and far between) I would be ridiculously proud of myself. 

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