Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lateee night findings

I literally feel physically ill. Sick to my stomach in disgust. I went through my wireless hard drive tonight in hopes to get some good pics of the kids that I can print out for a project I am going to be working on here soon. I found them, thankfully. 

Also found some pictures that I had never wanted to see again. I can't believe that I was so irresponsible with my life with who I allowed into my life. Looking at the pictures, reliving some of the memories; I could literally feel the nausea setting in. After quickly and effectively riding these people out of my life and avoiding people who associate with the likes of them, my life has gotten ridiculously better. I don't have that negativity or toxic aura around me anymore. But looking back I can't believe that I allowed myself to ignore the warning signs. The instinct that told me to run away from them as far and fast as possible. I hope I never have to associate with people like that again.

Thankfully I have some amazing people in my life who continually show me the true meaning of good friends, good people and good relationships. They are positive people who don't dabble in that ridiculousness and avoid people who do. I must say, I am quite lucky :D

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