Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Beautiful Day!

It was absolutely gorgeous out in Jacksonville today! Mid 60's with a bit of a chill in the breeze! And what a day it was. My husband's car needs a new clutch. It's his baby, he's been insanely upset about it since he found out that is what is wrong with it yesterday. He couldn't even drive it home from the mall yesterday. Thankfully one of our friends drove out there and helped him push it to the Firestone that is right next to the mall. Well work refused to let him out to go get it towed to the house til we can afford to get a new clutch, so the task was left to me. So Mikayla and I gathered our little ones up and headed out for a definite adventure of an afternoon. We got to the repair shop, I called Triple A and told them what was going on. They said they would pay for 5 miles of a tow but I was responsible for the rest of it. Well just our luck, Ryan lost the ATM card yesterday as well so we had to call to cancel it and order a new one. So that left us without any access to our money. My amazing Grandma sent me the money through Wally World for me to pay for the rest of the tow. Triple A told me to call them after I had the money in hand. So we are wandering around Walmart with about a half an hour to kill and listening to the kids chat back and forth and tell us what toys they want. The money gets there and we get back to the car, I call Triple A and am about to give them the confirmation number when I realize that I don't have my paper that I wrote it down on. So I run into Walmart and go back to the service desk and they were just getting ready to throw it away when I said I left a paper. Thank goodness!!!! So I get back to the car and call them. They send it through that I have the money in hand and tell me that someone will be there within 45 minutes. We head back over to the repair shop and about a mile away, the tow truck guy called and said he was already there and that he was waiting. So we get there, I have to go sign my keys out and then put the GTO in neutral to move it so we can get it hooked up. The bumper on his car is super low to the ground so on the way to base we had to take it real slow just to be safe. I was on pins and needles the whole ride haha! So we get to pass and id, hoping to be quick cause the kids were getting irritated and we get told we have to wait for the back gate to close because that's where we should have gone. So we wait, and FINALLY get to get a pass and get it home.

UGH it was such an ordeal. And my baby is still super upset and probably will be until we can get it fixed. So because the kids were so good during the ordeal that should have only taken an hour and a half that ended up being almost 3 hours long, we took them to the park and let them run around. They had a good time. Saw our friend Leslie's kids up there and the kids were playing together so cute!!

After we came home from the park and Mikayla went home, I got the kiddos some dinner and set off for the gym. Where I was for an hour and a half. I worked my little booty off! It felt soooo unbelievably good!! I'm going to try to go 4 or 5 times a week and do my Wii Fit the same. I feel so much better. Even though the beginning was a rough day, my day was amazing!!

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