Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dear You.

Dear You,

I am tired of you. I am sick and tired of feeling negative. I have been in a good place lately and you decide to rear your ugly head and bring me back to that ugly place you love me to be in. I hate when you come around. I hate when you feel the need to bring up old, painful memories and make me over play them in my head over and over again. I don't like feeling like this. It makes me want to revert back to the way I used to be. Before I got my head straight, before I let go over my anger and resentment towards a lot of people and things. So please, nasty version of myself that wants me to be biter, angry, resentful and want vengeance for everything; leave me alone. Get out of my head, you are crowding my space. I have too much to do over the next few months without having to deal with your toxic ways.


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Whitney said...

We all have those days hon, no matter what. Feel it, know it for what it is, then release it. It's all good!